When you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and are about to relocate across the country, moving containers are an excellent way to carry your items. Before you get on the road, secure your things correctly. That way, when you arrive at your new destination, you’ll have some things with you and won’t have to start completely over.

Take Inventory and Label Boxes as you Pack

Use a spiral notebook and list items in a general way by their category. For example, pack and then label boxes for “Books,” “Towels,” “Office Supplies,” and so on. It’s easier and faster to pack and label at the same time. Pack full boxes. Half-full boxes tend to shift more during transit.

Keep any valuables with you and not in the moving container. This includes:

  • Cash
  • Checkbooks
  • Jewelry
  • Other Valuables

Pack Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes and Light Items in Larger Boxes

Heavy items in a large box waste more tape. This is because you’ll have to double or triple up on tape to prevent heavy items from tearing the bottom of a box and slipping through. As these Orlando movers suggest, it’s best to place heavy items in smaller boxes. Lift the box to make sure you can carry it.

Pack lightweight items such as towels, plastic cups and other plastic household goods in larger boxes. Add extra tape to the bottom of the boxes, both heavy and small boxes. Use old newspaper or Styrofoam filler beads to fill in empty spaces and stabilize the contents of each box.

Wrap and Use Special Packing Boxes

Bubble wrap glass, mirrors, and framed pictures. Picture boxes and TV boxes help secure breakable items during transit. Packing boxes are available online and offline at local hardware stores. Remove light bulbs from lamps and disassemble the lampshade from the lamp. Bubble wrap the lamp, then place it in a separate box.

Use stretch wrap for heavy appliances and furniture to prevent it from scratching other items. Wrap in a paper pad or furniture pad for added cushioning.

Load Heavy Items First

Use blankets or cardboard to cover furniture, appliances, and other bulky things. Load them first in the moving container. Place packed boxes in the spaces between the furniture to prevent them from moving all over the place.

Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Lighter boxes go on top of them. Even out the sides of the unit. If you place a heavy piece of furniture on one side, balance out the unit by placing a heavy item on the opposite side.

Prevent items from hitting the metal door on the moving container by placing something against it such as a mattress. Alternatively, just tape together some flattened-out cardboard boxes.

Lock Your Moving Container

Lastly, secure your moving container with a quality disc lock or other lock recommended by the moving container company from whom you rented the container.

Preparing for a move across the country is exciting. With a little time, effort, and careful planning, you can keep your stuff safe while on the road and maintain that joyful feeling.


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